Ways To Improve Warehouse Operations Through Shelving

Custom Steel Shelving


A warehouse without proper and adequate shelving systems can look like a disorganized mess.
Boxes stacked upon one another can result in loss of goods and cause unnecessary time wastage when
employees go about looking for them.

Shelving transforms a warehouse into an efficient operation that works in a coordinated manner. Listed

below are a few simple ways to use shelving systems to maximize the potential of your business –

1) Fill every inch of space to maximize storage –

While floor space can be limited, shelving allows you to create vertical layers to boost up storage capacity. This solution tends to allow more
stock and higher turnaround.

2) Customize shelf height according to your needs –

Goods come in a wide variety of heights, shapes, and sizes.
To accommodate all of these, shelving systems can be customized to fit in the products and to reduce the amount of wasted space between the levels in the shelving. This can
surely increase your storage potential.

3) Helps to create a tiered organization system –

To go a step further, you can adjust the height of your shelving by creating tiers to accommodate all your products.
A great way to organize everything properly is to store the smaller goods on the upper tier and the heavier products on
the lower levels.

4) Switch over to heavy duty shelving –

Even though light duty shelving has its own advantages, it is always a good idea to go in for heavy duty shelving for your industry of organization.
These heavy-duty shelves can withstand several products and goods which are heavyweight too.
Therefore, just a few of these abovementioned steps can vastly enhance your warehouse operations. If
you are looking for shelving solutions for your business, do get in touch with Shelving Sunnybank today.

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