Industrial Workbenches

Industrial workbenches come in a varied variety and range that can provide the right durability and
function for industrial workplaces or laboratories.

From a very simple and flat surface to very complex and customizable tool you can accommodate all types of manual or mechanized work.

Industrial workbenches are durable, sturdy and tough for specific use as per the work.

And choosing the right one can make the work comfortable.

There are different types of workbenches:-

Metalworking Benches

They are Industrial workbenches that can be use up for all types of metalwork. They are strong
built to withstand welding, grinding, light casting, and other types of metalwork.

Also tey is a metalworker’s vise built at the top in most of these benches.

Electronic Workbenches

They can be use to repair electronics such as computers, home entertainment devices, mobile phones etc.

Electronics workbenches are usually set at a height for sitting work.

They have a power source built-in along with additional lighting for the tabletop.

Woodworking Industrial Workbenches

They are used for wood-related work such as carpentry work, trimming work, specialized carving work, and others.

Made out of solid wood, these workbenches have important mechanisms for clamping and are also used for building stairs.

General Repair Benches

They are industrial workbenches, can be typically made to use anywhere.

They can be found of use in assembly lines, for cleaning and lubricating to farms, small repair shops, and many other areas
of work.

Gardening Benches

They are built from materials that can handle moisture and dirt.

These benchesa are use for grooming, potting, and seeding and usually include useful built-in storage options.

Assembling and Fitting Workbenches have plenty of space for layout and may have built-in tools
and measuring devices.

They are used by electricians, pieceworkers, textile workers, and many

Laboratory Industrial Workbenches

They are mainly used in laboratories. They are generally used for chemical and biological work and the tabletops are often made out of slate.

These benches have provisions for fuel and water sources. Other types of laboratory workbenches include tables with and
without storage, tables with both storage and a sink, microscope workbenches and portable workbenches.

Adjustable Height Industrial Workbenches

They are useful where multiple people are working on the same workbench.

These workbenches can be raised or lowered manually or by using hydraulic handles to prevent workplace injuries.

Tables are also available for handicapped workers.

Stainless Steel Industrial Workbenches are extremely durable and strong to withstand weight.

These are suitable for a variety of situations as they are resistant to stains, scratches, heat, impact, bending and corrosion.

They are easy to clean and available in all types of thickness and variety of finishes.

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