Shelving Sunnybank: Perfect Solution for your Storage

Custom Steel Shelving

Shelving Solution-

Are you in search of a shelving solution that tailors your needs? Why not store your equipment
stock and resources with space saver shelving? This unit is a heavy-duty storage system made
of high-quality steel that can hold up to two tonnes per unit.

The packages to your requirement may vary according to your needs to make your perfect storage solution. You may also know
this shelf solution is long-span shelving.

Why is Long Span Shelving Popular at Sunnybank?

At Shelving Sunnybank we believe all space is valuable hence this is why long-span shelving is
popular. Whether you require shelves for your storeroom, archive, excess talk storage, or
anything in between, our long-span shelving is the one for you.

The space saver system is completely adjustable. Shelving is an industry specialist for all storage and display solutions. With all your requirements and needs we have the best services whether it’s long-span shelving in Brisbane.

If you need a complete shelving solution then you can connect with us for more details. If you
are not sure about where to start from we are here to help you out with everything starting from
maximum potential space to optimize the storage efficiency.

What Style Of Shelf Do do You Require?

? Steel:

smooth crest and clean for durability. Featuring a wipe-clean surface for health
and safety compliance say. Suitable for not-so-limited restaurant cold rooms, food
storage, school tuck shop facilities, etc.

? Moisture-resistance

white melamine has a classy white matte finish with a wipe-clean
surface. Suitable but not limited to school storage archive storage and showroom etc
Getting high-quality products at Shelving Sunnybank selling in Brisbane and surrounding areas
needs to be effective and efficient.

This is what Shelving Sunnybank does, making your storage more fancy and stylish. We provide you with a wide range of shelving storage solutions for a long span. We are specialist enough in field and stock and have an extensive range of
warehouse racking solutions in Brisbane.

Long preserving systems at Sunnybank are light-duty storage solutions available in all ranges
and sizes. It is perfect for storing items in warehouses, garages, and small-scale storage. It is
very flexible for keeping heavy storage items.


If you are looking for an expert solution for Long Span Shelving, Brisbane; you can call the well-experienced professional at Shelving Sunnybank. This product has become highly popular across the globe for several benefits. Long-span shelving is inserted connected by Prem and the beam that can be adjustable and last loading.

It offers you a versatile solution for handmade items. The compact designs save valuable phone floor space and allow you an efficient steel racking system that is durable.

Shelving Sunny bank is the perfect storage solution no matter what your needs are from storing
household items to carrying heavy cartons everything is here for you

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