Long Span Shelving and Its Investing Benefits

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For decades, long-span shelving has existed, and although it might seem simplistic, it does it play its part 100%.


 It has many benefits in the storage of small to medium stocks and is useful for warehousing and retail installations. Let’s see how.


What do you think are the essential features of the retail sector?


 One can guess it right –  safety, longevity, and consistency. 


Retailers require comprehensive technologies that optimize existing facilities for the vast amount of equipment that they routinely manage.


When warehouses continue to incorporate state-of-the-art technology, companies and manufacturers are investing in efficient industrial shelving systems.


Long-span shelving is a suitable option for stores with no floor space or budget for a pallet racking device. Long-span shelving is an intelligent storage method to store light to medium items.


The modular machine is ideal, among other applications, for garage racks, warehouses, and retail stores.


Below mentioned are the 5 E’s one should definitely consider investing in Long Span Shelving for! 


Easy Management 


  • Long-spread shelving is usually abounded pattern, holding together with fasteners and pins, making assembling extremely fast and simple. If re-design or additions are needed, this method of construction makes it simple to modify and alter.


  • The architecture itself is modular, and can be added to (as long as there are no limitations on capacity) – making room for facilities – at any time and can be reconfigured in many ways, which is especially helpful where high sales are concerned and when product fluctuations in the stock occur and come from the factory directly.


Easy Affordability 


  • Longscale shelving is economical and inexpensive with all of its advantages. Thanks to the aforementioned, and its usability, it has been used for a long time in a wide range of industries in factories and shopping facilities around the world.
  • The cost initially is manageable – remember to purchase super cheap and buy two times – and then with the additional upkeep and costs of development and improvement, which are self-managed by the reliability and durable design of the shelving, you can pay for yourselves mostly over time.
  •  Not only that, It maximizes storage, which for warehouse managers is often premium and needs nothing in return.


Easy to maintain and Strong Durability


  • Longspan shelving, most often a build-up of galvanized stainless steel, is extremely durable and can be used constantly and highly in supermarket manual picks, for example, dried medicinal products are good to go! 


  • Again, combining power with lightweight makes it easy to maneuver, without losing functionality and stability. However, any equipment movement must also be carried out only by trained installers, of whom Shelving Sunnybank is happy to help.


  • Owing to its simple design and the low need for instruments to use – for extracting and repairing bowls and nozzles, etc. Longspan shelving is easy to manage.
  • The forklift equipment is used for manual pickup which is unaffected to cause severe damage and is made from steel to prevent damage that can be greatly absorbed.


  • The steel production of the shelving can also be kept clean and sanitary with ease, making this a great storage option, for example for healthy goods and F&B goods, for which manual pick-ups and no lift trucks are necessary.


Easy Integration 


  • The architecture of the building enables the integration of long span shelving in the current warehouse shelving with ease and allows all types of storage systems to work together to construct a highly productive warehouse.
  • They can also be used with various materials; mostly for shelving steel, but for example, it can be incorporated with wooden trails or steel grating.

When to use Long Span Shelving – 


If your company deals with products that are not packed in pallets, long range racking is the perfect way for you to stock. The items contained in these racks are goods that cannot be transported via conveyors or railways.

These objects can be unusual or delicate in form. Tires, tyres, office equipment etc. are examples of products that can be stored easily with shelving for long distances.


The characteristic aspect of long-range shelving is that employees can manually store and recover items. The versatility of these storage devices makes it suitable for almost all store configurations which deal with small and light items to be treated manually.

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