How To Choose The Best Boxing Gloves & Pads

Here is an Ultimate Guide know about boxing gloves and pads. Boxing is a globally known combat sport that involves attacking the opponent and defending yourself with the help of your fists. First traces of boxing were found in ancient Greece, after which, this sport gained popularity and was recognized worldwide. Earlier, the hands of boxers were tightly wrapped in rawhide as a defence strategy.

Over time, these rawhides were transformed into gloves and pads, it is very essential to choose the right pair of gloves and pads as it helps you to improve the quality of your training and is an addition to your defence.

Types of Gloves and Pads

Here is a drop-down list to brief you on types of boxing gloves and pads:

Bag Gloves: 

Bag gloves are lightly padded, specially designed for punching bags and boxing pads. These gloves have extra padding for shock absorption during bag workouts. Along with this, they are smaller in size and lighter in weight which facilitates high-speed bag workouts.

Training Gloves: 

These gloves are a kind of hybrid gloves, that are used for heavy bag work, uppercut bags, and sparring. Training gloves are the best option if you are confused about choosing gloves for yourselves. These gloves are used most of the time during your training sessions, as they are well designed to absorb shock during workouts.

Sparring Gloves :

Sparring gloves are well-padded around knuckles to ensure your safety as well as your partners’ safety. Precisely, it comprises laces or designs that envelopes the wrap –across the closure to avoid injuries from the hook and loop fastening systems. All in all, it facilitates all-around optimal protection with adequate hand and wrist protection. 

Competition Gloves :

Competition grade gloves are mostly red or blue colour and offer less fatigue and less speed to fighters. Pro boxing matches have restrictions on weight and brands of these gloves. These gloves will make your opponents feel the striking effect, which is its speciality. 

Focus Pads

Focus pads offer high speed and focus, for single punches and complex combination punches. These gloves are particularly used for boxing fights and self-defence since the target is small and it requires high precision to strike it. These pads improve your concentration and are efficient to challenge any boxer, a novice, or an expert.

Thai Pads

Thai Pads are normally used for Thai boxing championships, they are excellent for developing powerful strikes of knees, kicks, and elbows. They help the fighters to enhance their speed, timing, and power which is very helpful in striking other parts of the human body including your hands.

Strike Shields Pads

These pads are larger in size, which offers assistance in all types of elbow, hands, and knee kicks. It is very helpful to learn advanced spinning and jumping techniques which will help you to develop an all-rounder game from strikes to punching. There are many kinds of Strike Shields available in the market, like, Curved or flat shields. All in all, they improve your striking game against your opponents.

Body Pads

Body Pads are a perfect blend of focus pads as well as Thai pads, in order to develop your overall ability to connect with different punches and to improve your combinations. To ultimately help a fighter to improve his power, timing, speed, and distancing to create a similar scenario to that of a real fight.


You should consider these factors before choosing boxing pads for yourselves:

Size and Weight

When choosing the gloves and pads, their size and weight are very essential, the most convenient choices for beginners are 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz gloves. These sizes are very comfortable and are easily available in gyms.

Durability Of Pads And Gloves

Before purchasing the new boxing gloves and pads, make sure that your workout gear comprises a AAA Grade label on it, as these products have a 2-year warranty with additional perks on manufacturing faults to increase their life.

Provides Protection

The main reason behind using boxing gloves and pads is to offer protection to the players from serious injuries and fatigue. You should ensure that your pads and gloves have enough padding and an easy catching pull back wrist strap to lower the risk of injury.

Offers Comfort

An uncomfortable glove is similar to a stone in your shoe, it can even result in injuries and cramps. This is similar in the case of pads as well, focus pads and Thai pads are highly comfortable for beginners.

We hope that you might have realized the importance of choosing a suitable pair of boxing gloves and pads. Before purchasing any boxing gloves or pads, consider consulting your gym trainer to know more about the suitable boxing gloves for you. He will assist you to choose proper gloves and pads which suit your workout needs to boost your training sessions.

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