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Metal Shelving

Commercial metal shelving is one of the most durable, space-saving, and stable shelf options
available for your warehouse.
Metal shelving can be free-standing, built into a rack system, or
used as part of a display system. There are numerous obvious benefits, as well as some that
aren’t so evident.
There are a few things to keep in mind, including oxidation, corrosion, and
damage, but these are all easily addressed and should not prevent you from using metal
Commercial metal shelving provides a heavy-duty and highly adjustable solution to material
handling challenges, allowing you to maximize vertical space and productivity as a warehouse
manager or shop foreman. This is essential for keeping your stock safe, visible, and accessible.
It would be difficult to find a warehouse facility without commercial shelving if you looked
around. In most warehouses, commercial shelving is one of the most crucial storage solutions.
We can say that it is the most powerful, sturdiest, and space-efficient sort of storage system for
small items.
A forklift or any other vehicle is not required for placing or picking up products. While little items
may be grouped, they are shelved separately rather than in pallets.

How to choose the right shelving?

The ideal shelving system to buy is determined by the layout, inventory, and supply chain
requirements of your warehouse.
In comparison to consumer electronics or garments, heavy
castings and automotive parts, such as engine blocks, place extremely distinct demands on a
shelf unit.
The most practical shelving alternatives for your operation are determined by the
layout of your warehouse, including whether it is automated, how much room you have to deal
with, and other criteria.
Metal shelving in the workplace is still a popular choice for a variety of reasons. Metal shelving
is not only capable of meeting workplace storage requirements, but it is also a sturdy,
cost-effective, and adaptable alternative.
Metal shelving is used in a variety of ways in the
workplace, including:

Heavy items storage:

Metal shelving systems, unlike plastic shelving or some of the other
materials available, can support more weight.
Because you can stack products higher and use
less square footage in a warehouse or storeroom, you can create additional space. Pallet
racking is common in large warehouses and commercial establishments.

Documents storage:

Documents can be stored on metal shelvings. Many businesses stockpile
years of back data in banker’s boxes, which are subsequently housed on wire shelves.
You won’t have to worry about their shelves collapsing over time if they use metal shelving, and
individuals will have an easier time finding and accessing important documents.

Chemical storage:

Highly corrosive compounds are used for several purposes in many
commercial contexts. The last thing you want is for your shelving unit’s integrity to collapse,
exposing dangerous chemicals to the environment.
Drums may be stored conveniently and safely on metal shelves. Metal shelving also allows you to read the labels clearly, ensuring that
you know what’s inside and that it complies with all storage and shipping standards.

Various parts storage:

You’ll need versatile storage options if you manage a repair shop. You
can have good visibility with metal shelving, but you can also add bin systems to keep track of
smaller items.

Benefits of Metal shelvings

1. Durability of Shelvings:

If correctly treated to avoid corrosion or oxidation, commercial metal shelving
can survive temperature extremes as well as the wear and tear of forklifts and order
Although commercial-grade metal is more durable than conventional metal, it
still requires proper protection.

2. Space management:

Metal shelving allows you to maximise the amount of space you
have in any given place.
You can store things vertically or horizontally, and you can have
shelves at different heights. Make sure you follow the weight-bearing guidelines and
don’t overcrowd the shelves.

3. Versatility of Shelvings:

Metal shelving is versatile since it comes in a variety of designs – “off the
shelf.” You can order commercial shelving from your wholesaler the next day and have it
delivered to your warehouse the next day.
You might also hire a warehouse designer to
create custom metal shelving. It will take a little longer, but you will have the heights and
lengths that best utilise your available area.

4. Easy to find things:

Metal shelving allows for easy product visualisation and makes
products more accessible. It allows you to organise boxes so that your
order pickers can readily access them.
Inventory takes less time because everything is
visible, and broken goods are easily identified – any dented boxes or misplaced products
can be seen.
All of this adds up to more efficient workplaces and staff.


Metal shelving has undoubtedly found its way into today’s warehouses and businesses. We can
say that it is one of the important things that are present at various offices and warehouses.
In addition to improved visibility and efficiency, provides many other advantages
that make it particularly useful in today’s warehouses, factories, and commercial environments.
If you are looking for metal shelvings, you can contact Shelving Sunnybank as we provide our
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