Best Exercise Equipment To Stay Fit at home

The novel coronavirus outbreak has led to a drastic impact on every phase of our life, whether it is personal or professional. Due to this social isolation, many fitness freaks have started their workouts sessions at their homes. Around 77% of Indians tried to stay fit with home workout routines by purchasing equipment from an exercise equipment store. 

The main issue with home workouts is the lack of exercise equipment that is suitable for your workout. We have jotted down the best workout gear to assist you in your fitness training.


Free weights are one of the most convenient and hassle-free equipment, which can be used to strengthen your abs, back, and arms. Besides, they are smaller in size and can be kept in the corner of your room. They are made up of cast iron and comprise an outer covering of neoprene, which improves its texture and makes it durable. Along with this, the coating provides a grip to your dumbells and prevents them from rolling away on the floor as well as from your hands.

Dumbells are highly efficient in improving balance and burning calories in order to cut down your fat. They are very functional in improving your strength with a minimum risk of injury.


Yoga Mats are very much essential to prevent injuries during workouts. There are some exercises in which you need to stretch a lot which might lead to slipping on flat surfaces. All this can lead to severe muscle cramps or fractures, yoga mats are highly useful to avoid all of them.

With these mats, you can carry out many exercises comfortably as they absorb sweat and are made up of breathable material. In addition to this, it offers insulation between the human body and the ground surface, which ensures thermo-insulation and prevents charge or energy loss from the human body. In order to purchase them you can visit any exercise equipment store.


Jumping ropes is the most popular and widely used cardio workout for your home. It has been recorded that, while jumping on a rope you can burn 10 calories per minute. Precisely,10 minutes of skipping are almost equal to 30 minutes of jogging.

Skipping ropes are of a 10-foot length and can be carried in a small cotton bag. They help you to improve your stamina and tightens the cores of your body. Skipping is highly recommended to heart patients and helps in reducing belly fat at the same time. Plus, it tones your calves and improves your lung capacity which is very essential during this global pandemic.


Suspension Training System comprises two straps with high elasticity with an anchor and looping mechanism, which acts as a bridge to join heating pipes and anchoring systems. All in all, it displaces your centre of gravity, due to which your core gets involved in stabilizing the balance of your body.

Talking about its advantages, suspension training helps to gain muscle stability and strength. It is an excellent workout for the entire body in a short time, which leads to better performance in physical activities by strengthening your core.


Rowing machines are commonly known as ergometers and are easily available in exercise equipment store, it is recorded that they engage up to 86% of your muscles. It is an excellent workout to strengthen your arms, chest, glutes, and legs and offers endurance to your muscles. It has a cushioned handle attached to a magnetic wheel which acts as a support in pushing the pair of pedals.

They have an LCD screen, which displays the total calories that you have burned in total. It offers to catch, drive, finish, and recover, which is similar to a four-phase rowing stroke and helps your body to release endorphins, which reduces your stress and makes you feel good. In addition to this, it strengthens your entire cardiovascular system (heart, blood vessels, and blood) and is beneficial for people with heart problems.


The treadmill is the perfect alternative for outdoor jogging; it is one of the easiest workout gears to use. Running on the treadmill burns calories faster than other types of equipment, along with this you can keep a count of your heart rate and can track your fitness progress.

It comprises an LCD screen that displays the total calories burned, your speed during the entire workout session and the duration of your run. It is helpful to reduce belly fat and is recommended for heart patients and diabetic patients.


Massage rollers are efficient in relieving muscle tightness, soreness, cramps, and inflammation. It offers warm-up and cools downs, before and after heavy workouts. However, it helps to boost your blood flow and range of motion which offers stability and flexibility.

Rollers are very useful to reduce lower back pain and reduce stress. Research proves that rollers reduce stress more than sleeping and resting. According to a study of 66 adults living with fibromyalgia, felt relief in their stiffness and intense pain after using massage rollers.

Exercises are the best way to boost your stamina and physical strength. It reduces stress, depression, and the risk of many cardiovascular diseases by offering long term health benefits. According to research, people who do not exercise daily, lose up to 80% of their muscle strength by the age of 65 years. All in all, one should be physically active to ensure good health and add years to his life.

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