Benefits of Long Span Shelving

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The retail industry thrives on three main factors -durability, quality and safety, and that is because

the retail businesses have to deal with a large volume of equipment which needs to be handled

It is therefore important for retailers to come up with robust solutions to optimise their
current operations.

Shelving systems are known to increase the efficiency of retail businesses. Long Span Shelving is a
practical option for retailers who have space constraints or budget issues.

Outlined here below are the benefits of long span shelving :-

1) They are strong –

Even though Long Span Shelvings are lightweight and durable, they are
known to be very strong as they are made out of 24 hour gauge steel.

They are easily movable and can be transported around the room without having to compromise on their
strength and durability.

2) Cost effective and easy to maintain –

Long Span Shelves are economical and practical to use.
Apart from being affordable, these shelvings require less maintenance compared to other
shelving options.

They are more resistant to wearing and breaking down and does help to
reduce maintenance costs.

These shelves are therefore practical and effective solutions for retailers who have space and budget limitations.

3) Highly compatible-

Because of being well designed, Long Span Shelvings are compatible with various types of storage systems/units.

Retailers can integrate these shelves into their existing equipment, thereby making it easy to move or transport goods.

4) Adjustable –

Long Span Shelving systems are easy to adjust and flexible, which are factors highly beneficial for retail shops having limited sizes.

The modern shelving systems are made with pins and rivets instead of nuts and bolts, thus allowing users to adjust them according
to their needs.

Long span shelving systems

are easy to use and are flexible enough to hold different types of merchandise and products of varied weights and sizes.

If you’re looking for Long Span Shelving for your retail business,

do get in touch with Shelving Sunnybank for all your requirements.

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