Benefits of Inversion Tables

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Inversion therapy-

It is a spine health technique that angles the body downwards for a few minutes. This therapy is practiced using an inversion table which allows the user to secure themselves and adjust the angle at which the table tilts.

The inversion therapy approach uses gravity and your own body weight to help stretch and elongate the spine.

There are various health benefits of using it regularly:-

1) Improve spine health –

One of the main reasons behind people suffering from back pain is due to improper spine alignment. Sitting in an unhealthy posture throughout the day can put the spine at unnecessary risk.

Using an inversion table is similar to getting your back gently massaged along with light manipulation of the spine which leads to better spine health. The
inversion table carefully inverts the body downwards, allowing it to stretch gently due to gravity’s pull.

2) Avoid painkillers –

Many people who suffer from chronic back pain depend on prescription painkillers to find some relief. Inversion therapy may help reduce the need for medication by providing a natural pain management solution.

A person using an inversion table is likely to see significant improvement in their chronic back pain symptoms after regular usage.

These people tend to get greater flexibility in their upper bodies and lumbar areas, which means they have a better ability to bend forward without pain.

3) Surgery, we can prevent  –

Inversion therapy is a good way to make a slight change in your life through exercise to reduce the need for surgery.

According to a survey, it was discovered that after regular usage 9f an inversion table, 77% people did not need to go in did a spinal surgery procedure.

4) Reduces stress –

Many people who use inversion tables report that it is a good way to destress. Inverted positions such as keeping your head below your heart could be an excellent
way to relieve yourself from stress.

Taking out the time to invert yourself on an inversion table can help you regain control over your stress and calm your nerves.

5) Increase mobility –

Many people suffering from back pain tend to avoid physical activity. But light exercise is always recommended in the form of inversion table.

An inversion table is known to stretch the spine received from inverting regularly in order to improve mobility and loosen up tight low back muscles.

After going through the various benefits, if you are interested in investing in your own inversion table.

Then do get in touch with us at Shelving Sunnybank and we’ll show you the options to best suit your health requirements.

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