An insight into Long Span Shelvings

Long span shelvings

Long span shelvings are highly in demand nowadays due to their flexibility, strength, and
cost-effectiveness, in addition to being the best long-term solution.
These racks are ideal for any type or size of items and take up little floor space, making them the greatest choice for retail and
industrial establishments with limited space.
These shelf storage racks are simple to construct and disassemble, and they don’t require any special tools.
It comes in a variety of widths and depths, allowing it to be custom-made to meet the demands
of the user.
Longspan shelves are often built of chipboard, although depending on what will be\ held on them, different materials such as timber and steel might be utilized. Longspan shelving
can be constructed to accommodate a wide variety of weights, making it excellent for storing
heavy products in quantity.
To provide the best storage for different-sized products, medium, and long-span bays can be
combined in the same rack.
The system is easily adjustable, allowing heights and combinations to be modified as needed.
Longspan shelving is commonly used in warehouses to store cartons or smaller things. It’s
mostly employed when human handling is required and lighter-duty shelving solutions aren’t
enough for the job.
Longspan is often used for manual picking operations, such as parts
storage, storerooms, and parking spaces, as well as a variety of other operational setups across
the industry because of its versatility.

Advantages of Long Span Shelvings

1) High durability

Longspan shelving, which is most frequently built of painted, galvanized steel, is extremely
durable and can withstand high volume usage, which is prevalent in retail manual pick situations
such as pharmaceutical dry goods.
Again, the combination of strength and lightweight allows for easy maneuverability without
sacrificing utility or stability.
This is one of the biggest advantages of Long Span Shelving and
Shelving Sunnybank can provide you with such shelvings.

2) Budget-friendly

Long-span shelving is a low-cost option. Because of the benefits listed above and its
accessibility, it has become a long-term fixture in warehouses and retail facilities around the
The initial investment is affordable – remember, buy cheap, buy twice – and the ongoing
maintenance and costs associated with growth and change, which are self-managed by the
shelving’s longevity and solid construction, mainly pay for themselves over time.

3) Easy to adjust

Longspan shelving is often bolted together using screws and pins, making it exceedingly rapid
and simple to put together.
This type of construction enables easy modification and adjustment if a re-design or addition is necessary.
The design itself is modular, allowing it to be expanded at any moment (if capacity constraints
are met) – facility space permitting – and reconfigured in a variety of ways, which is especially
useful for high turnover and multiple stock variants coming in and out of the warehouse.

4) Easy to integrate

Longspan shelving can easily be integrated with pre-existing warehouse racking due to the
nature of the construction, and they can also function in concert with other types of storage
solutions to produce a highly efficient warehouse.
They can also be made out of a variety of materials; most commonly, steel for the shelving, but they can also be combined with wooden
walkways or steel gratings.

5) Things are easily accessible

One of the biggest advantages of metal shelvings is that it is open. When you store things in a
closed space, you might face some difficulty while finding them.
But, when you store them on metal shelvings, they become easily accessible as the things stored on it are clearly visible.
Moreover, if you store things in a well-managed way,
it makes your office or warehouse look clean and managed as well.


We can say that Long span shelving can be the solution to your storage problems if you are facing some at your warehouse or office. You can buy Long span shelvings and arrange
everything at work in a well-organized manner.
So, are you also looking forward to purchasing Long span shelving? If yes, then contact Shelving Sunnybank as we are the right place for you.
We’ll provide you with the right type of shelving you need.

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