All you need to know about long span shelvings

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Long-Span Shelving

You all must have seen some kind of shelving at someone’s house, factory, or warehouse. But,
have you seen Long-span Shelving?
Do you know what Long-span shelving is in the first place?
We think that you may have already seen a long Span shelving but you don’t know that it is the
same we are talking about.
Well, long-span shelvings have gained a lot of popularity and can be seen in almost every
warehouse and factory. It is especially present at places where there is a great need to store
things organized.

How much do you know about Long-span shelving?

We understand that many of you might not be knowing what long-span shelving is. This is why
we have decided to tell you all about it in detail.
You can say that long-span shelving is one of
the natural racking and shelving processes that are fundamental to warehouse storage and
retrieval tools.
Long-span shelving is extremely useful in the auto, garment, and engineering industries since it
is the best racking and shelving option for goods that have a large volume but are light to

Why go for Long-span shelving?

Long-span shelvings are always in demand due to their flexibility and durability. Moreover, they
are budget-friendly and strong.
These racks are ideal for any type or size of items and take-up
little floor space, making them the greatest choice for retail and industrial establishments with
limited space.
These shelf storage racks are simple to construct and disassemble, and they don’t require any
special tools. When you use long-span shelvings, you can store the items in your warehouse or
factory safely and organized.
The best thing is that long-span shelvings come in many designs
and there are various types available as well. You can go for whichever type suits your
requirement the most.

How can you use Long-span shelvings?

Long span shelvings are believed to have been specifically developed with warehouses in mind,
where commodities or products are deposited and retrieved from shelves using a manual task
This type of manual or hand-loaded shelving, on the other hand, is typically used for
low-level commodities or products.
The accessibility to the higher levels of the warehouse can be mechanically guaranteed in the
case of high-level products or commodities.
The use of mechanical devices that raise the
operator to the needed height is possible, demonstrating the simplicity of the long span shelving
As a result, long span shelving for storage and picking is designed to focus on
heights rather than the length or width of the warehouse.
It won’t be wrong if we say that long-span shelvings are ideal for a wide range of warehouses,
offices, and storage places as well. Long-span shelving is a type of storage and retrieval system
that adapts and changes as warehousing authorities’ needs vary over time.


If you are looking for a way to store items at your office or warehouse in an effective manner,
you should go for a long span of shelving. It enables you to store items safely and securely.
Moreover, they are light in weight so you can move them easily.
But, this doesn’t mean that it
cannot carry heavy weight. You can easily store heavyweight items on long-span shelvings. If
you are looking forward to buying long-span shelving, you can contact Shelving Sunnybank.

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