Advantages of shelving systems

Shelving systems have become extremely popular these days because, in today’s fast-paced world,
customers demand quick receipt of merchandise such that it becomes imperative to make storage as
efficient as possible. Modern shelving systems allow for the best efficiency because they facilitate better
use of space and storage.


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Listed below are a few advantages of having shelving systems at your workplace.


1) They let you go vertical – When particular floor space is full, you can increase space by
using vertical shelves. This allows you to store more products and thus reduce turnaround
and shipping time. Vertical shelves increase storage density and efficiency. Rather than a
homogenized storage system that utilizes single deep selective rack storage, today’s modern
warehouses use specialized systems that allow for much more efficient use of space and
more rapid order fulfillment at the same time. With vertical shelves, the product is more
efficiently managed, stored, and removed from shelves for shipment.

2) They are smart – Today’s modern retail shelving is smart and intelligent and increases
productivity through the use of specific technologies to cut labor costs. Storage systems are
set up with “intelligent design,” with quick merchandise retrieval and turnover of the key. For
that, technologies are used dynamically to keep track of where specific merchandise is
stored, and inventory is turned over as quickly as possible rather than holding them “in bulk”
for long periods of time. Shelves allow for additions and expansion. Today, storage systems
are set up to begin at one level and expand over time as more storage capabilities are
needed. Flexibility is key.

3) They are durable – Businesses and homes are often very active areas, and it is not
uncommon for them to suffer a level of breakage in-house. Most shelves will be subject to a
lot of wear and tear that arises from issues such as forklift collisions, mishandling from
staff, or accidental damage suffered during transport. Relying on Shelving for storage will
give you more peace of mind, as they are designed to withstand this sort of abuse.

4) Safe storage of delicate items – Shelvings make for some of the most durable storage
equipment you’ll ever find. This is due to each shelving unit providing significant resistance
to corrosion and rust, and in turn, minimizing the damage to the shelving unit as well as any
valuable goods that need to be stored in them. Common usage for shelving is to store
the more fragile goods (such as electronics, smaller parts, or those more-expensive
consumer goods) that wouldn’t be suited to be stored in the usual storage bins or by just
simply sitting on the floor.

These are just a few of the advantages of having shelving systems at home or at the workplace. If
you are looking for sturdy, durable, and bespoke shelving for your business or house, then do get in
touch with Shelving Sunnybank.

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