Advantages of Long Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving has been around for years and even if it may look simple, it performs it’s job to
the hilt. Delivered with various advantages for small and medium sized goods, Long Span Shelving is
an ideal option for warehouse and retail facilities.
Advantages of Long Span Shelving :-
1) Easy to build and adjust – Long Span Shelving typically has bolts held together with fixing
and pins, because of which the shelving is quick and easy to assemble. Even if you might
require re-design or any addition, the easy way of assembling the shelving allows for easy
adaptability and adjustability. Because of the design being modular, any kind of additions
can be made to it. The Long Span Shelving can be reconfigured in a number of ways which is
particularly beneficial if you have a high turnover and if there are multiple stock variations
coming in and out of your workplace.
2) Durable and easy to maintain – Usually made of steel, Long Span Shelving is highly durable
and can easily handle high volume usage. The combination of strength and because of being
light weight makes it easily maneuvered without harming it’s functionality and stability. Long
Span Shelving can be maintained easily due to it’s simplistic nature and the minimal need of
tools. Because of being made of steel, it is extremely easy to keep it clean and sanitized
making it a very healthy option for storage of F&B products.
3) Easily integrated – The nature of the build of the Long Span Shelving helps it to be easily
integrated with your pre-existing tracking system. The shelving can also be used with
different materials, most typically with steel but can be integrated with wood as well.
According to the demands of your business, the Shelving can be integrated into the other
4) Cost effective and affordable – Among all other benefits, Long Span Shelving is extremely
cost effective and affordable. It is a sustainable staple in warehouse and retail facilities. The
cost at the outset is reasonable and then further maintenance and costs get decreased due
to the Shelving being sturdy and durable. Long Span Shelving maximizes storage space which
in turn reduces the cost of warehouse management.
There is no one size fits all but for the best solution for your workplace, many factors need to be
considered. Call us today at Shelving Sunnybank and one of our experts will help you find the design
that ticks all the boxes for your specific need.

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