Advantages of Long Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving Brisbane

Long span shelving

Long span shelving is used by people around the world for years and even though it looks
It still carries various advantages for storing small to medium size stock in warehouse and
retail facilities.

1) Easy to build and adjust –

Long span shelving is typically assembled using the help of fixing and pins and is therefore very quick and easy to install.
This simple process also allows easy adaptability and adjustability. Because of the design being modular, these
shelves can be configured in a number of ways.
This feature is advantageous for warehouses with high turnovers or where stocks keep coming in and out.

2) Easy to maintain and durable –

Made of paint or powder coated, long-span shelving is
highly durable and can withstand constant and high volume usage.
It’s easily maneuverable too due to its strength and durability.
Long-span shelving can be maintained easily and its cleanliness can be managed easily too.

3) Easily integrated –

Long span shelving can be easily integrated into other warehouse racking so that they can work in tandem with other storage solutions to ensure a highly
efficient warehouse.
If required, the long-span shelving can have solutions integrated into it too.

4) Affordable –

Long span shelving is known to be cost effective and durable and has been
a sustainable option for warehouses and retailers across the globe.
The cost is reasonable and once it is installed, no further costs regarding maintenance need to be
incurred too.

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